What is Bridge Cultures?

Whether you are looking to enrich your internship tenure or make your travel experience more meaningful, we, at Bridge Cultures, are here to understand your individual needs.

India is growing and changing in phenomenal ways and now is the best time to visit. Various organizations, including social enterprises, non-profits, startups and corporates etc. offer internships that not only spruce up your resume but also provide a detailed understanding of the socio-economic situation in India. Cultural immersion and exchange of ideas are not mere added bonuses but an ongoing, natural process throughout your stay here!

At Bridge Cultures, we:

  • Connect you to the right organisation/sector/group based on your interests.
  • Provide a comfortable, economical and safe living space with a host family or a co-living space, based on availability.
  • Provide three meals a day as well as the flexibility to explore your cooking skills.
  • Equip you with the know-how of the place and surroundings.
  • Offer unlimited support throughout the pre-departure, during project tenure and post project stages.

Want to make an effective difference in your life and a memorable impact in someone else's?
Here's your chance!

Our focus lies on equipping you with all the necessary information and services right at the beginning, so you do not have to invest too much of your time in settling down or finding the right place, food etc. With our services, we ensure that you remain hassle-free so you can explore the city, connect with fellow travellers and feel at home a lot more quickly.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: Bridging the gap between needs and skills.

Vision: Making an effective contribution to impact tourism by providing a fulfilling experience to foreigners Interning / volunteering / travelling in India.

Bridge Cultures is a social enterprise that connects people across the globe to organizations in India that offer internships and volunteering opportunities in local initiatives. Bridge Cultures caters to students, graduates, young professionals, corporate groups and travelers looking for impactful travel.

A multitude of organizations in India run initiatives that require new and varied skills and talents. They seek volunteers or short-term interns who can bring new skill-sets and perspectives to their projects. Bridge Cultures works in conjunction with them to find participants whose interests and skills are a good match with the initiative, such that both the intern and the organization mutually benefit from the association. We operate in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, two rapidly growing metro cities in India.

We focus on connecting you to experiences that can nurture professional and personal growth while helping individuals explore their interests.The host organizations we place you in, also understand these aspects of growth, and can be your stepping stone to a great career. Host organizations include professional organizations, non-profits and startups, operating in the social sector in India.

Thus, Bridge Cultures provides a platform for people who want to be more than tourists and those who aspire to make their travel impactful, enriching and fun.

Why choose Bridge Cultures?

Bridge Cultures helps you invest your time and energy in enjoying your first few days in India, by eliminating the need to look for accommodation or worrying about getting used to the food.

We offer a comfortable, shared and affordable living space for interns/volunteers from across the globe working in different organizations.

There are two options available:

Living with a host family : This will give you a taste of what life is like in India and a closer connection to the culture that exists in an urban, Indian household.

Shared living space with fellow interns : This is to encourage ideological, experiential and cultural exchanges by providing a space for like-minded individuals under the same roof.

In addition, we provide assistance in various cultural immersion activities like heritage walks, city tours, guided visits to temples, weekend treks, festival tours or other leisure trips based on your interests.

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