Why Abroad

Small acts of kindness can turn into profound happiness for both the giver and the receiver. Buying a homeless person a cup of tea, helping an elderly person up a flight of stairs or just making someone smile can bring peace and happiness to both. What if your trip to India as an intern/volunteer becomes your act of kindness? What if you could impact many lives and change them for the better?

Develop new and nuanced skills

You can not only pick up new skills, but experience the nuances of navigating a new city, learning a language, networking and communicating with different kind of people.

Personal growth

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned traveler or a novice, we guarantee that you will return home discovering something new about yourself. These experiences will nudge you out of your comfort zone and help you grow both professionally and personally. You will leave with not just a taste of a new life, but a renewed understanding and appreciation for another culture.


If you do not know the local language, consider it a bonus! You can learn and practise with the people here. You can connect with them effectively and understand the language far better rather than going through any formal language course.


Immersing yourself in a culture by working abroad is the ultimate learning experience, one you may never experience if you have lived all your life in the same country. You're not just a visitor but a temporary member of that society. Being exposed to new cultures can give you invaluable perspective in all aspects of life.

Having an international network

You will have an opportunity to expand your network as you meet new people during your placement - both locals and expats from other countries.
Abundant learning comes from different people with different backgrounds and cultures. Professional and personal connections can go a long way in shaping your career.
While there are virtual alternatives to connecting with people abroad, it does not compare to meeting in person and building lifelong relationships.
This could be a trip that changes your life! On a lighter note, with friends across the globe, your world trip becomes a lot less expensive when you can hop in on friends you made through Bridge Cultures!

Build your resume

Work experience abroad definitely adds to your resume. Adaptability, resourcefulness, responsibility and determination are qualities that will set you apart in the job arena. You can gain a global perspective that employers often look for. Mastering a language other than your own will also raise your employability, as hiring multilinguals is a huge asset to any company.
Working in a different job culture and learning new business procedures will definitely give you an edge over others and boost your career. With the world becoming increasingly competitive, having international exposure might not just be an exception, but the rule. Get ahead of the game!

Broadening your horizons

A decision to work abroad is a step towards looking beyond your immediate surroundings. Throughout your stay in India, you could meet people who have starkly different lives or experiences from you. This could motivate a self-reflective process and help you empathize with those around you. You can go back with a newfound understanding of yourself and the world around you.