Why host with Bridge Cultures?

Hosting an international student/volunteer/intern means more than just putting that extra room in your home to good use. As a host, you will be welcoming another person into your home and into your hearts. While providing them meals and a comfortable stay, you can build a lifelong connection with someone from across the world. It is a great opportunity to share your own culture and partake in theirs, not to forget- all the learning you can acquire through this experience.


In 4 simple steps, you can become a host with Bridge Cultures :

Step 1 : Sign up and create your listing

We will require details about your home, the facilities you can provide and how many people you can comfortably host. Mention if you have any gender preferences for your guests etc. by filling out our simple application form. A few pictures of your home would be an added plus.

Bridge Cultures does not charge any fee for signing up and enlisting your home. It's free and an easy process!

Step 2 : Evaluation

We promise a comfortable and affordable stay to all interns/volunteers. To ensure that certain quality standards are met, Bridge Cultures team will conduct an evaluation of the accommodation. On approval from us in terms of quality and facilities available, you are registered as a host.

Food (3 meals), Private room, Access to Laundry & Internet connection.

Step 3 : Welcoming

We will introduce the guests to you after analyzing the parameters like proximity to their workplace, work timings, rules of your home and so on. Once both parties are in complete correspondence, we can proceed to draft and sign an agreement.

Considering your convenience and your guest's start-date of his/her stay here, we will fix a time for them to arrive at your home. All details of arrival will be provided in advance. This will give you time to prepare and be ready to receive your guest. A member of the Bridge Cultures team will accompany your guest and help you get acquainted.

Step 4 : Get paid

An advance payment of 50% of the total amount will be made once your guest arrives at your home, and the rest will be paid mid-way through their stay on an agreed date.


Property Damage : In some rare cases, there maybe damage to your property due to an accident or any other cause. Talk to your guest and arrive at a solution. You can also report it to Bridge Cultures and we can help resolve the issue.

Misbehaviour : As a host, you will be representing the hospitality and integrity of our country. It would be appreciated if you maintain cordial relations with your guest. In case of any misunderstandings, try to communicate it calmly to the guest and arrive at a solution.
If there is any misbehaviour by your guest, you can immediately report it to Bridge Cultures and we will help resolve the problem. If their behaviour is found to be unparliamentary, Bridge Cultures will terminate his/her contract immediately and ask him/her to vacate.

Profile selection : At Bridge Cultures, we maintain a thorough scrutinising process of the candidates that apply to us. Only after receiving all relevant documents and going through multiple rounds of interviews do we accept a candidate's request to intern/volunteer/take up a course. We assure you that we will not be sending a stranger to your home and will provide all the necessary details for your approval as well.

Privacy : While welcoming a new member into your home can be exciting and intriguing, you must discuss with your guest and establish privacy rules with them. Ensure that you do not intrude their private space and clearly communicate your boundaries to them as well. For instance, they can be part of family gatherings or festivals only when invited by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can be a host family if you're willing to open up your home and heart to a student from abroad. Joint families, nuclear families, couples, single owners or anyone who can offer the basic services mentioned earlier can become a host family with Bridge Cultures.

  • An open mind and heart, willingness to share cultures and experiences with a new person
  • A private room, with a bed and a table
  • Food-2/3 meals a day
  • An internet/wifi connection
  • Laundry services

If your criterion meets ours and you have the space to offer- then you are more than welcome to host more than 1 student at a time.

Bridge Cultures follows a thorough procedure of checking the candidate's background before accepting their application. We have 2 rounds of interviews with them and ensure complete transparency with candidates' details. We also send the candidate's profile for your approval before confirmation.
Other criterion such as house rules of the host family, proximity to their work place etc. will be considered before the candidate is selected.

Yes, there are a few rules to be followed by the host families. This is in place so there is a clear communication between all parties involved and both host families as well as the guest have a meaningful and pleasant experience.

A minimum duration for hosting student would be at least for a period of 6 weeks. A shorter duration would than this would be rushed and the complete experience of exchanging cultures and getting to know your guest would not be fruitful.

In case of any problems due to a guest, you can immediately report to the Bridge Cultures team. We will look into the matter and help arrive at a reasonable solution.

The host family is not responsible legally or medically in case their guest meets some unforeseen circumstances outside the house. This will be established in the agreement signed by both parties.