Frequently Asked Questions


For a fresh graduate, there are umpteen opportunities in India. With a fresh perspective and a varied skill-set you can contribute effectively as interns/volunteers to India's rapidly-growing startups, social organisations, corporates and NGOs. Travelling to India does not only mean work, but also a large colourful, geography and heritage that awaits you. Come experience India, and leave your mark! Programmes

At Bridge Cultures, we work to ensure that needs meet skills and interest meets opportunity. With this goal set against the backdrop of an expanding and growing India, it is the best time to experience new cultures as well as employ your skills where it is needed.
You can apply to any of the internships from the ones we have listed right here. (Link) If you're looking for a specific sector or role, you can write to us at and we can connect you to the right organization.

India's social and development sectors are seeing an upsurge of opportunities, with many new projects and organizations working for different causes. There is a requirement for talented, skilled and passionate volunteers in various organizations.
Bridge Cultures offers an array of volunteering opportunities that you can find right here. Link
If you're looking for a specific sector or role, you can write to us at and we can connect you to the right organization.

An internship abroad in today's day is an important leverage not just for your career and life experience but also in contributing to the society at large. The fluctuating prices and conversion rates can make this a burden on your purse. The fee charged is mainly to cover for logistical expenses of accommodation, food and transport, which otherwise will cost much higher.
To ensure that you and the organisation that you volunteer/intern with are in congruence so your skills are put to best use and you have a fulfilling experience, we charge a nominal fee.

Health & safety-related queries

It is best to visit your doctor to get a personal recommendation on medicines and vaccinations that you require before you arrive. In case of emergencies, there are over-the-counter pills available at medical stores and well equipped hospitals that can attend to your needs.

Bridge Cultures accommodation will serve the local Indian cuisine as part of the meals. This usually includes spices, herbs, rice and meat along with lentils and pulses. Meal adjustments can be made with prior consultation. Number of meals per day is flexible according to the meal plan that you choose.

Purified water is available 24/7 at the accomodation. Clean bottled water is available in every store/shop around the city.

We do not provide alcohol at the Bridge accommodation but we would be happy to recommend restaurants, bars and pubs that do serve alcohol.
Although it is preferable if you avoid bringing alcohol into your rooms, we do not wish to stop you from enjoying as long as there is no hindrance to any other guests.

The city has a 24-hour helpline for police, fire, and ambulance services that provide prompt assisstance in case of an emergency.

Casual clothing like shorts, trousers, denims T-shirts and tights is the general attire of the locals as well. It is advisable to carry cotton clothing which best suits the weather. Scarves, stoles and jackets are good to have in handy in case there is a weather change or if the area you are visiting is conservative.

The apartment that Bridge Cultures provides is in a safe and expat-friendly locality. All basic safety-details will be addressed in the orientation. A member from the Bridge Cultures will be available for assistance at all times.

Logistics & Internship related

Bridge Cultures does not guarantee any internships leading to a job. You can discuss with the organisation that you are interning with and see how you can take it forward.

We can make daily travel arrangements for your commute to the workplace and back, and many organisations provide their own transport for interns and volunteers.
The orientation programme we conduct will also provide complete information on other public and private transport that you can take.

We do provide assistance in helping you book your travel to India. We can provide suggestions as per your budget and other requirements, although air tickets to India are not part of our packages.

Definitely! We welcome family and group bookings in case you want to travel and volunteer with friends.

To make the most of your trip to India and make an effective contribution, a minimum of 6 weeks is considered a good amount of time.

The accommodation will have good Wifi connectivity and a local Indian sim card as soon as you arrive so you can always stay connected.

India 3 pin plug (type D) or 2 pin plug (type C)