Bridge Cultures Story


Organizations in India working in the various sectors of social entrepreneurship, healthcare, education, and livelihood etc. provide attractive prospects for interns, volunteers and professionals who are often needed for their specific skill sets required in these particular fields.


People shifting to new cities for work prospects face numerous difficulties in arranging for basic amenities such as accommodation, food, transport and cellular connectivity. Often, this becomes an exhausting and tedious process.


Bridge Cultures acts as the platform for connecting the various stakeholders to each other based on their specific requirements. The stakeholders not only comprise of employers/employees but other service providers in the fields of accommodation, food, finances, entertainment-culture etc. whose services can be specially availed on a need basis.


Bridge Cultures helps in the smooth transition and integration of people moving to new cities by sensitizing them to the cultural dynamics of the new place. Along with familiarizing them with the dos-don'ts etc. through a preliminary orientation, Bridge Cultures also offers various engaging activities such as tours and meetups for people who would like to explore more of the city and its people.


Bridge cultures, true to its name humbly serves as the seamless connecting link between people, their ideas, stories and last, but not the least, their cultures.