Why India

India is a great choice for internships and volunteer programmes for several reasons:

  • Place of acceptance: India is one of the countries in the world, known for its hospitality. In India, people welcome tourists, different religions or colour of skin rather than just being tolerant.
  • Startup ecosystem: Ranked among the top 5 startup hubs in the world, India could definitely use more skills from across the globe.
  • Diversity and Culture: India is an amazing blend of traditions and modernity. Right from the snow-clad Himalayas, rainforests, and a desert, to being surrounded by sea on three sides, India houses all climates and terrains.
  • Yoga: The mention of India immediately brings an image of yoga. Today multiple training centers in the country offer teachers’ training courses that people can take up to unite their body, mind and soul.
  • Food: Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes. With various cooking styles in every region, India has become the haven for food lovers across the globe.

Visit India with an open mind and be assured to gain a life-changing experience!

Travelling has been a therapeutic indulgence for centuries. Whether it is to break off from the rigour of a monotonous life, delve into a path of self-discovery or gain fresh perspective–travel offers the external and internal transformative opportunities. With the current trends of internship abroad and volunteer travel, the spiritual and the professional combine comfortably at various places.

India has been that spiritual home ground for centuries. The spiritual guru-Sadhguru says "Despite all the cultural differences, the uniting factor was that India was a land of seekers". Exploration within and outside oneself has been an integral part of the Indian lifestyle. Many travelers come to India every year and return with a newfound understanding of life and personal growth.

With umpteen professional opportunities and a rich, diverse culture–India has the right offers that lead you on a path of self-development.