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Your search ends here! Bridge Cultures brings to you Skiviz, an online community that you can be a part of and meet people with various talents and skills. List your skills right here and become a Skivian!

Why should you be part of Skiviz?

Skiviz will help you find a skilled person to collaborate with on your work. If you are looking for a graphic designer from Asia to work on a project with you, or you want the inputs and skills of someone in a different part of the world–just shoot as an email. We will connect you to the relevant persons matching your requirements. You can go through the options and find the one who fits best with your work! We will not be involved in any transactions and offer complete freedom - you can choose to take the conversation ahead as you please.
Furthermore, there is no fixed amount charged for this service. You can contribute any amount and help us sustain this community. Going by our name-we are Bridging Cultures.

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